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People spend much of their time on social media and companies need to be there. Of course, nothing new with that. But still lots of marketers have the feeling that social media marketing is something difficult and that it’s getting more complex. It might be but it’s one of the most natural ways to communicate if you manage to do it in a personal way.

With digital devices we are constantly live and on demand all the time, and every company with self respect uses some kind of digital marketing today. What’s so exiting about this is the opportunity for companies to be personal as well, the change of communication from push to pull and be able to interact with everyone. Being able to communicate directly is fantastic and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

In the picture: Weaving the social tissue - old school: Lace Bobbins.

Photo credit: Per Söderström

What about negative response then?

Well, actually you can be happy about that too, some are afraid of being talked about in a negative way and of course it’s not the ideal thing. Positive is preferred, but use the negative response to get in contact and build a relationship. Gain loyalty! The more you get to know your audience you learn about their needs and what they want. How can you fulfil their needs and how can you meet? Companies need to use storytelling more effectively as part of the communication platform. 

Emotions, personality and soul will help you build loyalty. Connect within your company, departments can’t be separated. Communication, IT, customer service etc. need to work much more integrated than before. If every department work together, share the same vision and have same goal for the company’s digital journey, you will shorten your road to loyalty. You need to get everyone on board to manage the transformation to digital, especially the management.


A guest blog from Anna Velander Gisslén, she's also active on Twitter.

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Guest blogger - Experienced Marketer and Project Manager from the Media Industry.